Dan Deacon Is So Disappointed In You

May 12, 2007 at 6:53 am (Dan Deacon, mp3s)

Back in February, I posted about absurdist wunkerkind Dan Deacon, hailing Snake Mistakes as one of the strangest, most original tracks ever recorded. The post was extremely unpopular, and has never garnered hits in the triple-digits. However, today saw the Pitchfork review of Spiderman Of The Rings, and a dramatic increase in Deacon’s popularity. So, I’ll repeat my Panda Bear is so disappointed in you mantra, and chastise you all for being an insufferably mindless flock of sheep. However, despite my disappointment in you (stern stare), Pitchfork’s review will at least expose Deacon to a larger audience. Even if that audience is a massive flock of sheep.


Dan Deacon – Wham City.mp3

Dan Deacon – Snake Mistakes.mp3



  1. baltmann said,

    First of all, I absolutely love Snake Mistakes. My daughter constantly nags me to play it. However, the LP on the whole is only half good.
    Secondly, even though Pitchfork is a very good review site that I checkout on a daily basis because of their intelligence, they are not the final word. I’ve disagreed with them many a time and they tend to be a bit snobbish if you will.
    And finally, kudos to Mr. Shameless on the Deerhunter EP recommendation. I can’t believe it is so good and their latest LP is soooo,hmm, not like the EP. I would have never given it the time of day if you hadn’t blogged about it….

  2. hsoj. said,

    totally agree with you Mr. Shameless.

  3. mo said,

    you consider yourself a tastemaker, apparently, on par with pitchfork, or at least quicker to the punch. yet, you post about the same artists as countless other blogs (a quick search on hype machine reveals you were behind gorilla vs. bear and similar blogs on panda bear) oftentimes well after another blog has beaten you to the punch. i like your taste, just don’t get all high and mighty on us, it’s not very becoming.

  4. Uhhh said,

    Also, your post of 2/23/07 came just a day after Pitchfork’s posting of Snake Mistakes, so you’re chastising people for not liking a track you posted after Pitchfork first posted it. You’re not ahead of the game, you’re in the herd. Moreover, everyone knew Pitchfork was going to give the album a great review when in that 2/22/07 post on THEIR website it said, “‘The Crystal Cat’, taken from his forthcoming (and, from what we’ve gathered in our first few listens, ridiculously good) album Spiderman of the Rings, is a waaaay better introduction to Deacon’s stuff.” (Nearly the same post they gave in their “Bros” track review.) So ‘mo’ is right, don’t get all high and mighty when your whisper is the same and less important (in that it’s completely traceable and derivative) than the powerful cultural shout of Pitchforkmedia. I’M so disappointed in YOU.

  5. jonson said,

    Um fellows I daresay his stern stare is somewhat tongue in cheek

  6. Lukas said,

    oh man, some people are really getting pumped up about this, but it’s only because they were the ones searching hypemachine for Dan Deacon the day of the pitchfork review. And they know it. P Fork slows down my computer. io do like their festival though.

    i haven’t heard of this guy, but i wish i had been reading this since january(i started sometime in late FEB.

  7. B.Lund said,

    Did you guys really just argue over who posted this music first? Think about what that implies – are you digging this because it’s some kind of status symbol or because it’s good music? @ Uhhh – that was some of the most absurd shit I’ve ever read. Get a fucking life.

  8. mo said,

    i’m not arguing over who posted it first, it’s irrelevant, and you can find out who’s first with some simple searches if you are so inclined. and i’m happy people post good music, no matter when it comes out, it does a great service for getting good stuff out there. what i don’t care for is when people who are posting these songs try to make a point of having discovered the music before others…it shouldn’t be a race.

  9. Christy said,

    We’re sheep? Have you read your tags lately?

  10. matt said,

    Try not insulting your audience. You’re no better than anyone else.

  11. Dan Deacon Jr. said,

    Great comments. You’ve been pwned.

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