Animal Collective | Cuckoo

May 15, 2007 at 11:06 am (Animal Collective, mp3s, Videos)

I was a little put off when I heard that Animal Collective had signed to Domino last year; I mean, AC and Arctic Monkeys being label-mates? While I’ll remain cautious until I hear the full album, this video has done a lot to alleviate my fears. It’s a performance of a new song song, Cuckoo, live for TVP Kultura. Anyone who’s heard the latest AC material will tell you, probably with great glee, that it’s extremely good. Cuckoo is no different. It actually sounds like something off Spirit . . ., which is by far my favorite AC album. Dig it.



Animal Collective – Tikwid.mp3 [From the People EP]


  1. lukas said,

    i am so excited to hear this song on their tour(knoxville may 29th). I hope they play it. That and Sea lion, and crap, all of the new songs are excellent. If you want to hear some more unreleased(possibly next album material) songs go here:

    (if you have already enjoyed these songs, then ignore)

  2. Frank Drebbin said,

    Kind of lame of you… Domino are a hell of a lot more than just Arctic Monkeys. That’s like saying Matador is simply Interpol, Sub Pop to The Shins, Saddle Creek and… oh wait.

    SC: I know Domino are more than just Arctic Monkeys, they just rub me the wrong way, with their use of WebSherrif and all. The other three labels you mentioned are cool, though, especially Sub Pop.

  3. Frank Drebbin said,

    I dunno… I see loads and loads of Domino stuff on the blogs and the only one I’ve ever seen any hassle over was Arctic Monkeys. Maybe it wasn’t all Domino.

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