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May 16, 2007 at 2:45 pm (b-sides, mp3s, Wilco)


Well, the White Stripes benchmark for hard-to-find-b-sides has been surpassed, by none other than Jeff Tweedy and co.. Seriously, I started my search for these on Saturday, and countless hours and emails later, I only managed to come up with barely half of what I wanted. It never really hit me how much material Wilco have produced over the years, until I pulled these together. Not necessarily because of the difficulty I had finding these, but in how different they are from each other. You can hear the progression of the band in these tracks, from alt-country to rock to alt-rock, and finally, back to alt-country. Although my favorites here are the two tracks from the More Like The Moon EP, ‘Bob Dylans 49th Beard’ and ‘A Magazine Called Sunset’,most of you will probably find ‘One True Vine’ the most interesting. Vine is the first b-side from Wilco’s latest LP, Sky Blue Sky, to make an appearance. Judging by Wilco’s penchant for recording far more material than they can use, however, I doubt it’ll be the last.


Wilco – A Magazine Called Sunset.mp3

Wilco – Blasting Fonda.mp3

Wilco – Bob Dylan’s 49th Beard.mp3

Wilco – I Am Not Willing.mp3

Wilco – I’m Always In Love [Solo Acoustic].mp3

Wilco – One True Vine.mp3

Wilco – Student Loan Stereo.mp3

Wilco – Sunken Treasure[Solo Acoustic].mp3

Wilco – Thirteen.mp3

Wilco – Tried & True.mp3



  1. ilikewilco said,

    the link to i am not willing is broken

  2. Jess said,

    A Magazine Called Sunset is in the top three of my favorite Wilco songs.

    Thanks for posting these!!

  3. Marc said,

    I thought I had a pretty good collection of wilco…but seeing as I did not have Student Loan Stereo or Blasting Fonda…Now i’m that much more complete. Thanks for posting these!!!

  4. Top Posts « WordPress.com said,

    […] Wilco | B-Sides [image] Well, the White Stripes benchmark for hard-to-find-b-sides has been surpassed, by none other than Jeff Tweedy […] […]

  5. What we learned this week at World Of B said,

    […] Wilco has a lot more B-side tracks than you ever knew. (Go on, kids, go and get ‘em! They’re free, for crying out […]


    […] Wilco B-Sides: To go along with digging their new Steely Dan album. […]

  7. aap said,

    how about burned – neil young cover

  8. Frank said,

    I’ve got all of the YHF outtakes and demos up on my blog this week. If you don’t have Cars Can’t Escape and Venus Stop The Train, you need to come grab those at a minimum.

  9. Jorge Wagner said,


  10. #1 Wilco Fan said,

    Any chance of getting our hands on the three outtakes from ‘Kicking TV’? (Monday, Theologians & How to Fight Lonliness) — I must have them. Can’r blame me for trying. Thanks for this post – it rocks!

  11. dustin said,

    I don’t know if anyone knows this, but you can insert the copy of Sky Blue Sky into your computer and get a download of a studio version of “The Thanks I Get”. It’s also playing on some Volkswagen commercial.

  12. tock said,

    You can see the commercial here:


    there’s going to be a lot of Wilco music in VW commercials this summer…

  13. Kurt said,

    Can someone please email me a link or the mp3 of “Blasting Fonda” (the studio version)???
    itunes doesn’t have it, and i can’t find it anywhere on the web. I have solo versions that Jeff has done in concert, but not the cut that is found on the Outtasite (Outtamind) and Feeling Minnesota soundtrack.

  14. Ryan said,

    Can these still be downloaded somewhere? I don’t have, nor have I ever heard, several of those B-sides. Thanks in advance for any help.

  15. Kurt said,

    I have all of these songs. Let me know what your email address is and I’ll try to hook you up with some of these. I have every Wilco song known to my knowledge.
    They are the best!

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