White Stripes | Icky Thump Video

May 24, 2007 at 8:29 am (mp3s, Videos, White Stripes)

Meg, the one-eyed Mexican prostitute

So much for AOL showing off Icky Thump for the first time later today; Spinner’s got the vid right now, and it’s every bit as crazy as you’d expect, with Meg dressed as a one-eyed Mexican prostitute and . . . well, actually that’s all I noticed, but I’m sure there’s other insane stuff in there, too. Icky Thump is gonna be so awesome.


White Stripes – Icky Thump.mp3


Thanks to Chris for the video!



  1. Chris said,

  2. sodwee said,

    http://www.whitestripes.fr/videos/ for the video in full quicktime quality !!!!!

  3. David said,

    i know shameless is a big fan of the white stripes, not sure if you have heard conquest

    SC: Yeah, I heard that yesterday, it’s pretty awesome. Sorry, but I had to kill the link, that’s the kind of stuff that would get SC suspended. Still, thanks.

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