Seven Swans Gets The Reissue Treatment

May 26, 2007 at 6:00 am (mp3s, Sufjan Stevens)

Seven Swans

In case you haven’t already heard, Sufjan Stevens 2004 gem, Seven Swans, is getting the reissue treatment from Sounds Familyre Records. While Swans seems to be overshadowed by it’s big brother, Illinois, lately, it’s still a superb album. This is especially great news if you, like me, prefer you Sufjan Stevens a little restrained and understated, rather than over-the-top and bombastic. And as if hearing these songs on “audiophile grade vinyl” weren’t enough of an incentive to pick this up, a 7″ will be included in all purchases, featuring two previously unreleased songs. It’s time likes these when I’m reminded how badly I need a good record player. Be sure to pick this up if you can. For now, you can enjoy these tracks, one from the original release, and another from the 7″.


Sufjan Stevens – The Dress Looks Nice On You.mp3

Sufjan Stevens – Waste Of What Your Kids Won’t Have.mp3



  1. mick d said,

    have to agree with you about seven swans…it might not be as epic as Illinios (which is also a fabulous album) but if i had to take one sufjan album to that mythical desert island then Seven Swans would be the one
    have to disagree with you about getting a good record a child of the seventies i rejoiced when crackly old vinyl gave way to beautiful clear c.d.s (the only nation on the planet capable of pressing music on plastic back then was Japan and audiophile grade vinyl doesn’t impress me in the slightest (i sometimes work in a record store and ive heard lots of crackly audiophile grade vinyl in my time) even if you treat records like a princess, play em enough and the crackles start to appear and as for keeping the stylus perfect..well good luck on that one…..well thats my opinion anyways…..

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  3. Lauri said,

    I just adore Seven Swans as well. Intimate and beautiful record, just great. I have the european cd edition, ought to finally buy a decent vinyl player as well. Thanks for sharing these!

  4. butter team said,

    thanks – going back and “celebrating the entire catalog” after Illinois….

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