Lil Mama | Lip Gloss

May 30, 2007 at 7:35 am (Lil Mama, mp3s)

Lil Mama

Brooklyn’s Lil Mama may only be 17, but she could sure as hell give most of her older peers a run for their money. The only track we’ve heard from her so far, the minimalistic ‘Lip Gloss’, features only handclaps and drums as a backbeat, relying almost entirely on Lil Mama’s rapping to carry the beat. Not many rappers could pull something like that off, but Lil Mama does it without breaking a sweat. ‘Lip Gloss’ won’t win any awards for lyrical depth, but that’s just about the worst thing you can say about. Keep your eye on this girl. She’s going places.


Lil Mama – Lip Gloss.mp3Β 



  1. janmsie896 said,

    heey lil mama good nice like you people ahhh want dance learn get yeah want
    to me talk to me ok

  2. that song is hot 4real lil mama said,

    lil mama i love your song lip gloss because i love lip gloss and mine is not cheap okay but i like that song though.and how bout i keep mines poppin and shining at all times. holla

  3. shae said,

    dat song is hot. I mean how many ppl can make up a song bout’ lip gloss. do ur thang girl

  4. shae said,

    damn u can dance

  5. Heez Magnif said,

    song is gay as hell, shit is just wack. i feel bad for any mothafuckas that like that song, ya’ll aint real and never will be…

  6. Lil' Breezy said,

    Hey Lil’ Mama luv ya , ur song is so gud πŸ˜‰ tell me wat ya’ll gonna do about da song

  7. Lil' Breezy said,

    u r da best lil mama πŸ™‚ i have lip glosses but urs damn gurl is poppin ;)keep it on

  8. Shitt Hott | Foreign Bees « Shameless Complacency said,

    […] out another Lil Mama track I ran across here. And stop fucking with my comments section! […]

  9. damn.hustle said,

    yea the beat ofcourse takes it old school. But the lyrics suck and she tries to be a lil kim wannabe. We already seen lil kim, we dont need another one. She’ll be a hit with the pre-teens but not with the hardcore hiphop heads.

  10. Daisja Lowe said,

    Girl yo lipgloss is POPPIN!! i wish i could meet you but i don’t get that chance. and girl forget what those other people think of your song as long as some people and you like it its a great song!!!!!!

  11. kenya_aka_kizzi said,


  12. page said,

    i love your song lip gloss . i got 10 pic of u.

  13. Drew said,

    damn your lip gloss is POPPIN!!!!! I love your song.

  14. maddi said,

    heez magnif is a LOZER

  15. poppie said,

    I hope she dies seriously. Dumbest fukin song ever annoying as shiit.

  16. poppin... said,

    everytime I hear this song I laugh.

    now not only do my friends and I always ask “hey, whats poppin’ ?” (as opposed to “whats up”)

    but now we always reply with “my lipgloss”

    this song is honestly bad, but thats why its sooo goood.

  17. Britt-Britt said,

    Hey gurl, your song is hot! I love to sing and dance my self and hearing your music makes my day. Good luck and keep on doing wat you do.

    God Bless,

    Brittany S.

  18. Da bEsT said,



  19. lee said,

    ur hott dont no wat heez magnif iz talkin bout

  20. lee said,

    lov u hotty

  21. carlun said,

    hey lil mama ive been listening to your song since it came out i know it all the way threw and now im trying to learn the dance moves yh i no i cant sing as good as you but i can still try lol im your biggest fan and if i ever get the chance to meet you belive me i will luv frm me carlun

  22. jonathan said,

    hello little mama.
    i do very much enjoy the song “lip gloss” it carries me along when i’m on a brisk jog or during a business meeting (ha yes, i am a little rebel*wink*) you are also quite attractive. It’s no wonder those foolish boys are “jocking” and chasing you after school. ahh well all in a day’s work for a talented young woman like yourself. Next time you find yourself in cleveland,ohio, look out for me! i will most defidently ask my management for the day off of work to catch you live. that would certainly make it up onto my blog! *winks again* i’ll make sure i have on my business casual attire. Keep up with your good work! More incredulous songs are much anticipated!
    Sincerely your elaborate fan,

    • Viewer said,

      I love you. You are the male version of me.

  23. Max Wolf said,

    U R so cool but i wat to have lip gloss on my ipod and mobyal

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