NME Is Having A Really Bad Week

May 30, 2007 at 6:42 pm (NME)

EDIT: After a little research, I’ve decided to keep this post up. I stand by my opinion.

Normally, I wouldn’t feel the need to comment on something like this, but NME is in such a sad state of affairs, that something really has to be said. First, they choose quite possibly the most disgusting woman in modern music to ‘grace’ the cover of their latest issue; Beth Ditto. There’s no getting around it ; Ditto is simply repulsive, and placing her, clothed or not, on the cover of anything is just idiotic. Secondly, remember that Rag & Bone 7″ they were going to include in next weeks issue? Well, with the leak of Icky Thump, it’s safe to say they’ve lost a lot steam on that one. Finally, they falsely report a new album from Divine Comedy. This fiasco is best explained by Pugwash, who responded on the Divine Comedy message board with this:


Hi all.

I HATE to do this but I feel it’s my need to apologise for a f***ing idiots ineptitude and flagrant stupidity but sorry it’s MY new album (Pugwash)that’s been talked about there. They took the story from MY web-site and quite UNBELIEVABLY turned the whole thing on it’s head and also actually MADE STUFF UP!!!!!

Quite incredible…..and they call the ‘Oirish’ thick…..??!!

My legal team will sort it out asap, so sorry again everyone.



Granted the Icky Thump leak isn’t your fault, but come on, guys! You’re the “biggest-selling weekly music magazine in Britain”! Get your shit together and act like it!



  1. Rinjo Njori said,

    If meme roth catched wind of this she is going to have a stroke. Shrek and Jordin from America Idol have felt her anti-fat wrath.


  2. Chris said,

    Eh, I don’t think you can blast them for putting Ditto up… I mean she’s repulsive to me too but she’s pretty goddamn punk.

    The 7″ will still be a nice collectors item… the Stripes fans I know are still rabid about it.

  3. Al said,

    People still buy this?

  4. Matt said,

    Had to think for a minute if you were being serious You really have a problem with this cover? I think its about the first decent thing NME has done in years. OK she’s not exactly america’s next top model but isn’t that the point? How is it idiotic in any way? Your saying it would have been idiotic to even put her on the cover in clothes? Not sure if I’ll be reading anymore.

  5. CD said,

    Wow . . . you’re gonna get a shitstorm for that “repulsive” comment, and you fucking well deserve it.

    Think maybe it’s payback on how last year she was on top of NME’s “Cool List”, but fucking Muse took up valuable cover real estate instead? Or that perhaps it’s an in-your-face commentary on how talented male rockers can be ugly as sin and no one blinks an eye (and still listens to them regardless of their looks), but if a female musician doesn’t have a commodifiable “hot” look, she’s told to shut up and go away unless she can look more pleasing? Or that Beth Ditto has a great voice, and fronts a dynamic band and is worthy of having a cover article in a magazine?

    All valid justifications for a cover. Whether or not one likes the cover portrayal is a matter of personal opinion. Opinions are like assholes, we all have ’em. However, the fact that you discounted Beth Ditto as a musician based on how you feel about her looks rather than the music she makes illustrates what I said in the previous paragraph. Dude, your asshole is showing.

  6. Chubby said,

    I think CD said it best. Beth Ditto is one of the best voices in the past 10 years. The Gossip is incredibly talented and deserve any and all acolades they receive. Personally, I am sick of staring at the same boring body on the cover of a magazine. I’m not saying that this is the preferred view of Beth that I would like (front row center at her shows is exactly where I’d like to be) but isn’t this supposed to be all about the music anyway? Grow up.

  7. Zameer said,

    Fuck that shit, I don’t want to see Beth Ditto nude ANYWHERE, no matter how good a voice she has. Michael Jackson has a nice voice, do I want to see him naked? NO.

  8. mozzer said,

    That cover is horrendous.

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