Sufjan “Garage Rock” Stevens?

May 30, 2007 at 10:38 am (mp3s, Sufjan Stevens)

Sufjan Stevens

Yesterday, Stereogum premiered a new track from Sufjan Stevens, noting that the song would sound more at home with Jack and Meg on Icky Thump. I don’t always agree with the gum (especially lately), but they’re dead on on this one; Stevens has indeed, recorded a garage rock song. The track, ‘In The Words Of The Governor’, features a relentless guitar, messy p ercussion, and Sufjan on some very different vocals. But, once you get past the whole what-the-fuck-factor, ‘Governor’ is actually pretty enjoyable. I’d love to see Stevens record an entire album of material like this, but it seems unlikely. After all, he’s still got 48 albums to make before he dies.


Sufjan Stevens – In The Words Of The Governor.mp3


  1. Caleb said,

    It’s funny to me that people keep acting like this is some big revelation, if you listened to suf’s album”A Sun Came” you’d hear 10 songs like this one.

  2. Zameer said,

    Yeah, except for the fact that no one can find A Sun Came.

  3. Ty said,

    I actually own “A Sun Came.”

  4. Ken Glanton said,

    A Sun Came is available on Emusic- as our all of his albums and a ton of comps that he has been on.

    Happy Listening. The Believer is a great magazine, and I always love the music issue. Thanks for posting the track.

    Ken // ( brand new blog)

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