Ryan Adams | Rip Off

June 1, 2007 at 12:09 pm (Live, mp3s, Ryan Adams)

No, I’m not slandering Ryan Adams. I’m done with slandering, at least for a while. ‘Rip Off’ is just the title of a new track from Mr. Adams. I’d love to post an actual studio track from his upcoming album, Easy Tiger, but for whatever reason, his label has decided that promo mp3s aren’t hip. No, I don’t understand it either, but maybe it’s for the better. If I could post promo mp3s, then I never would have gone searching for a good live track, and I never would have found ‘Rip Off’. ‘Rip Off’ is gorgeous slow-burn country track, and this recording shows off its beauty perfectly, with Adams even joking around with the crowd at the end. I’m wary of everything country, but I now looking forward to Easy Tiger.


Ryan Adams – Rip Off [Live].mp3



  1. Bob said,

    actually uh his label has 3 promo MP3s which are all over blogs right now
    just sayin’

    SC: Actually, those are two-minute snippets of songs. Snippets are not cool.

  2. Si said,

    Easy Tiger is a great album although Ryans had half a dozen or so better ones! Rip off as mentioned is an amazing song, one of his best

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