White Rabbits | Kid On My Shoulders

June 4, 2007 at 7:17 am (mp3s, White Rabbits)

White Rabbits are 2007’s Arcade Fire. Now, before you get all up in arms, you should know that I don’t mean in terms of talent; White Rabbits debut, Fort Nightly, doesn’t even come close to Funeral levels of greatness. No, I mean in terms of the giant hype machine know as the internet. The two bands have been vaulted to fame in much the same way. Of course, times have changed since ’04, and new mediums have arisen. While Arcade Fire relied mainly the burgeoning blogosphere for their rise to fame, White Rabbits have used the well-laid foundation of P2P networks for theirs. When Fort Nightly was uploaded to a prolific filesharing-site a few weeks ago, it inexplicably shot to the #1 most downloaded file on the site. And so, the great hype machine began, coming to fruition with Pitchfork’s 8.1 review of Fort Nightly, which is sure to cement the bands popularity among all sorts of hipsters. Does it deserve this attention? Yes and no. While Fort Nightly is an impressive debut album, revealing a band with a massive amount of potential, much of that potential remains unfulfilled. The album is flawed, mostly forgivably so, except for it’s major stumble; it places the strongest track first, and the rest of the album struggles to maintain the high standard it set for itself so early on. While it sometimes catches up to itself, it fails to remain exciting for the most part. While I’ll definitely be interested to hear White Rabbits sophomore LP, for now, they remain nothing too special.

White Rabbits – Kid On My Shoulders.mp3



  1. Jeff said,

    I dunno, White Rabbits are pretty awesome, and definitely talented. They don’t quite have the emotional impact as Arcade Fire, but they certainly rule.

  2. Patty said,

    I do not agree with you about the White Rabbits. They are very talented, and although I like some songs better than others on their album, over all I enjoyed every last bit of it. Perhaps if you would see them live, you would recognize how good they are. They are very energetic, and you can tell they love what they are doing. I think this band is definitely going places.

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