Shitt Hott | Foreign Bees

June 8, 2007 at 8:11 pm (Cousin Cole, Lil Mama, M.I.A., mp3s, Office, Poison Control Center, Shitt Hottt)

I’m sorry, but it’s that time of year, and I just don’t feel like writing; so here’s the story of Shitt Hottt, an awesome band that found it’s way onto my iPod recently. From their myspace page:


Once upon a time, there were three princesses – Michelle, Andrea and Ryan. They’d been talking about forming a band together. Andrea would play the drums, Michelle would play the guitar, and Ryan would play the bass.

One night, after an enchanted Kickball tournament, a fourth princess appeared – Sarah. She announced that she would play the tambourine for the trio. Being drunk, they agreed. On the condition that she also sing and play keyboards. Which she did. With gusto.

They played some shows – opening for The Pointed Sticks (from Van City), The Ettes (from LA), Pony Up! (from Montreal) and The Zoobombs (from Japan), made friends with EVERYONE, drank lots of free booze, and Ryan fell off the stage once a couple times. It was pretty great.

The End.

Shitt Hottt – Foreign Bees.mp3


In other news:

-Cousin Cole has remixed Party Like A Rock Star (mp3)

-Check out another Lil Mama track I ran across here. And stop fucking with my comments section! (mp3)

-Office has announced a new album. Cool, eh? (mp3)

-Poison Control Center has signed to Afternoon (mp3)

-Apparently the awesome XR2, which M.I.A. leaked a a few months back, is making it’s way to Kala (mp3)



  1. Chris said,

    Woohoo! Now if only Hit That and Come Around could be included on Kala.

  2. Andrew said,

    Kala needs to be album of the year!!!

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