Sorry For Neglecting You, Here Are Some Sonic Youth Songs

June 11, 2007 at 5:54 pm (Art Brut, Cinematic Orchestra, Liars, mp3s, Sonic Youth, UNKLE)

Sorry for the general lack of posts around here lately, but I guess I’ve been feeling a little burnt out on new releases, lately. Instead of listening to The White Stripes, Ryan Adams, or Iron & Wine, I’ve gone on a Sonic Youth binge lately, working my way backwards through their entire catalog in anticipation Daydream Nation‘s imminent remastered release. I’m on A Thousand Leaves right now, and I’ve come to the following conclusion about their past five releases:


Sonic Nurse

Murray Street

A Thousand Leaves

Rather Ripped

NYC Ghosts & Flowers


Still, I love them all, just like I love my readers. So here are some of my favorite tracks from those albums.


Sonic Youth – Paper Cup Exit.mp3 [From Sonic Nurse]

Sonic Youth – Disconnection Notice.mp3 [From Murray Street]

Sonic Youth – The Ineffable Me [From A Thousand Leaves]

Sonic Youth -Sleepin’ Around.mp3 [From Rather Ripped]





-The new Liars track is awesome. (mp3)

-Before I went on my SY binge, I was really digging the new Art Brut album. (mp3)

-UNKLE’s latest single seems pretty nice, eh? (mp3)

-You might want to check out these Cinematic Orchestra folk. (mp3)




  1. Richard said,

    I’ve never really been taken by ‘A Thousand Leaves’ so would probably shift that down and move ‘NYC Ghosts & Flowers’ up.

    Anyway, that’s my tuppence worth on recent Sonic Youth.

    Great blog by the way – been meaning to say for a while!

  2. Nick said,

    I too am looking forward to the rerelease of Daydream Nation. Personally I would put Murray Street above Sonic Nurse but perhaps I need to go back and give the latter some more time – some of the tracks just didn’t seem to connect for me whereas the whole of Murray Street just seems to work.

    Also, thanks for the Cinematic Orchestra dig, those guys are awesome.

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