New Animal Collective | Peacebone & Chores

June 12, 2007 at 5:18 am (Animal Collective, mp3s)

This may be the greatest morning ever. I wake not only to find that Challenger is floating around the interweb, but also that the first three tracks from Animal Collective’s Strawberry Jam have surfaced. If you haven’t memorized the SJ tracklisting (which you really shoud have), those first three tracks are ‘Peacebone’, ‘Unsolved Mysteries'(which we’ve never heard before!), and ‘Chores’. I’ve been listening to the live versions of ‘Peacebone’ and ‘Chores’ for the past month, and I can safely say the the studio versions blow the live ones away. The vocals on ‘Peacebone’ are crystal-clear, and it somehow packs even more of a punch than before. ‘Chores’ is a little bouncier than before, with some great Panda parts kicking in about halfway through, and some of the most gorgeous vocal harmonies you’ll ever hear. So far, all signs point to Strawberry Jam being a highlight of AC’s already amazing career. Oh, and there’s a rumor going around that the cover is a close-up of a smushed strawberry!


Animal Collective – Peacebone.mp3

Animal Collective – Chores.mp3



  1. adam said,


    god i love animal collective.

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  3. Chris said,

    Wow, I didn’t quite like them when I saw them live (I think I was too tired) so I kinda dropped them for a while but Peacebone is bringing it all back to me.


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    […] Collective, já estão circulando por aí. Se quiser escutar, é só apontar o seu browser para o Shameless Complacency. Parece que o Challengers, do New Pornographers, também já pode ser encontrado no cyberespaço. […]

  8. Giant Octopus said,

    i saw them play chores live almost three weeks ago along with about ten other new panda/ac songs, it was absolutely amazing. chores and peace bone both sound great. i love the line: “Peace bone was found in a dinosaur wing”

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    […] can I say? Over the last month, there have been many, many small leaks. A song here, a track there. Hell, just yesterday the band put out a video for “Fireworks” – which […]

  10. Elizabeth said,

    Hey Animal Collective fans! I found this cool new site where you can listen to him for free!

  11. Un aperçu du prochain Animal Collective – Clémence Risler said,

    […] en septembre. Pour écouter Peacebone, Chores et Unsolved Mysteries, rendez-vous sur les blogues Shamless Complacency et Obscure […]

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