Cloetta Paris | I Miss You Someone

June 27, 2007 at 7:25 am (Cloetta Paris, Dirty Projectors, mp3s, Rocky Votolato, Snakes Say Hisss)

It’s beginning to look like Italo disco is the next big blog obsession. First, Sally Shapiro put out her stunning debut, Disco Romance, late last year. Then, Glass Candy started appearing on various blogs. The latest artist to emerge from this burgeoning scene is Cloetta Paris. As seems to be the trend with these artists, very little information is evident beyond their names. It’s not even clear if Cloetta Paris is a single person or a duo. However, it’s clear that she/they will be going places. With a Pitchfork mention beneath her/their belt(s) and some very beautiful music to back that up, it shouldn’t be long before you’re hearing more from Ms. Paris.


Cloetta Paris – I Miss You Someone.mp3

More tracks at Cloetta Paris’ myspace





-In my recent interweb wanderings, I ran across Virb, which in turn brought me to Rocky Votolato’s page there. Think Ryan Adams plus Sufjan Stevens, with a little Tom Waits thrown in for good measure. (mp3)


-Dirty Projectors have released a new track from their upcoming album, which is either infuriatingly pretentious, or pretentiously genius. (mp3)


-Normally I wouldn’t recommend random myspace bands, but Snakes Say Hisss have just the right mix of beats and freakishness for me to do just that. (mp3)


1 Comment

  1. sarri said,

    HELLO, I really like that Cloetta Paris song, thanks for recommending. Your blog is very cool, too. x

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