Stars | The Night Starts Here

June 29, 2007 at 4:02 pm (mp3s, Stars)

In Our Bedroom After The War

It’s only been two years since the last Stars album, but it feels like it’s been much longer. Maybe that’s because their last album, the gorgeous Set Yourself On Fire, was a career defining moment for them. While their previous work was beautiful low-key pop (a good thing), SYOF stepped beyond the bounds of what pop music can be, with it’s grandiose compositions, bittersweet lyrics, and most importantly, the interplay between Campbell ‘s and Millan’s vocals. Now, a few weeks after they announced their new album, In Our Bedroom After The War, the first song from that album has been sent out. Based purely on first impressions, it sounds like Stars are returning to a more electronic style, such as that on their debut, Nightsongs. However, they haven’t forgotten the lessons they learned with SYOF. The grand compositions remain, as do the sincerity and crystalline-like smoothness of the vocals. In Our Bedroom After The War is due out September 25th, on Arts & Crafts.


Stars – The Night Starts Here.mp3



  1. adam said,

    stars are my favourite band ever. i am REALLY looking forward to this album.

  2. Nick said,

    Thanks for posting – I’ve already fallen in love with The Night Starts Here. It’s definitely different from SYOF which is good, but there is still the trademark wistfulness and I like the emphasis on the electronic-y style. Really looking forward to the album.

  3. Kate said,

    I’m scared shitless, because there’s so much potential for disappointment…

  4. Top Posts « said,

    […] Stars | The Night Starts Here [image] It’s only been two years since the last Stars album, but it feels like it’s been much longer. Maybe […] […]

  5. A.J. said,

    the lyrics are just simply elementary… like a hi-schooler wrote them.

  6. Sean said,

    I still can’t decide how I feel about this artist. On one hand I guess they arent so bad, but on the other hand they were reccommended to me by someone who worships the Killers.

    Mr. Shameless, I recently sent you an E-mail regarding several Wilco B-sides. It may be of interest.

  7. Oh Inverted World » The Friday Download Review said,

    […] Stars – The Night Starts Here – Shameless Complacency […]

  8. Andrew said,

    I love Stars. But this album is a harsh disappointment.

  9. Kanadaserie, Platz 4: Stars | POPLOG said,

    […] dem monumentalen, “Set Yourself on Fire” nicht nur großen Erfolg, sondern einen “career defining moment” erlebten (gerade eben erschien unter dem Titel “Do You Trust Your Friends?” […]

  10. Dani said,

    The Night Starts Here does sound a lot like Nightsongs but if you’ve listened to all their albums, they all sound really different from each other. If you first heard Starts off of their SYOF album, I’m sure their new album would be an odd awakening, something hard to take in at first. But I LOVE their new song a lot, it’s so beautiful… I can’t wait until this album comes out!

  11. Vangel said,

    The band has evolved on this album,it’s really different from SYOF, but the more you listen to it the more you like it. “Our bedroom” is the penultimate step before Stars create a true masterpiece, blending the sound of all their albums, the rich and evocative chamber pop of SYOF with the warm and mellow pop with of “Heart” and the cold ellectric straightfullness of “Nightsongs”.No matter what Stars still remain one of my favourite bands,and “Our bedroom” on of the best pop albums of the year

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