Nellie McKay | Identity Theft

September 13, 2007 at 8:28 pm (Nellie McKay, New Music, Pop)

Nellie McKay

Sometimes it feels more like a series of musically-themed comedy sketches than an actual album, but I’m still love with Obligatory Villagers, Nellie McKay’s new album. Just like its creator, Villagers is slightly pretentious, a little bratty, but charming and pretty enough to make up for it’s flaws. Its undeniable high point, ‘Identity Theft’, is McKay is doing what McKay does best: complaining in a witty, post-modern manner. This time, the complexity of modern life is her target, and she skewers as only she can; in a breezy, bouncy jazz number. Only Nellie McKay could pull these lines off and while still managing to sound cute.


Nellie McKay – Identity Theft.mp3

[From Obligatory Villagers, out September 25th on Hungry Mouse]



  1. scott said,

    I had no idea she had a new album out. huh. Thanks for the song!

  2. Bill said,

    I heard the song this morning. It was wonderful.

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