Radiohead News (Maybe)

September 20, 2007 at 6:06 pm (New Music, Radiohead)

For more up to date images, you may want to visit Hodiau Direkton, a blog which collects and posts images from various Radiohead sites. Thanks to Patricia, Erik, and Merljin for keeping the site up to date!


Sept 23 Update: The new image on Dead Air Space translates to MIGHTNOT OPERATE PROPERLY. This could refer to to yesterday’s indecipherable code, or something new. Also, the arrows on the bottom of the image clearly relate to new song ‘Down Is The New Up’. Expect more news tomorrow morning.

Sept 22 update: Radiohead have posted 3 images on their site, the last of which is new. This image translates to _ENDLESS, using the original code, which was apparently flawed. The code (now referred to as the Worm Buffet Code) has now been update, and is wholly correct, meaning that the third image actually means XENDLESS, as pictured in this poster. Possible album title? I hope not. In more confusing news, a new Hodiau Direkton image has been posted, which you can see here. The worm buffet code doesn’t work for this image, but fans are hard at work trying to break this new code. Many potentially meaningful words (All I Need, Plausible, Old Song) have been found in the image, but nothing substantial enough for the code to be declared broken. More news as it comes.


If you’ve been following the saga of Radiohead’s seventh studio album, you know that the wait for LP7 has been a long and arduous one for fans. Originally rumored for a 2005 release, it wasn’t until last month the the band confirmed the album was even finished. Now, as they promised, new details are beginning to surface about LP7. Over the weekend, Radiohead’s website was updated, replacing the words “hiding in the woods” with “emergent life form”. Many fans took this as a sign that bigger news would emerge soon, and they were right. Yesterday, the website was updated again, with a link to this image, entitled sep20.jpg. Big new, eh? Well, being the insane citizens they are, fans soon realized that the image was a code, and proceeded to “crack it”. The resulting message? YES WEARE STILL ALIVE. Still, not much, but earlier today, more info emerged when this image ( was found on Radiohead’s server. Using the same code that fans so lovingly pieced together, this image read BLINKYOUR EYES ONEFORYES TWOFORNO. These are lyrics from ‘Bodysnatchers’, one of the tracks rumored to be on LP7. So exactly what does this mean? I’m not sure. Maybe that Bodysnatchers will be the first track of the new album. Or maybe that the song is at least on the album. Or, perhaps, nothing at all. This one’s up to you.


Radiohead – Bodysnatchers.mp3 (Live)


  1. sorrylooking said,

    nice post:)… i didn’t know this stuff, thanks for making me interested 🙂

  2. Pipe said,

    News is news.

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