Radiohead | Faust Arp

October 10, 2007 at 10:22 am (New Music, Radiohead, Rock)

Thom Yorke

When I heard that Radiohead would giving away their new album for whatever price fans were willing to pay (including nothing), I promised myself that I wouldn’t post a track from In Rainbows. After all, if people wanted to hear the album, it’s only a click away. But I can’t justify not posting Faust Arp. When fans saw an unfamiliar song on the tracklist, most expected an interlude ala Hunting Bears; they didn’t expect a Beatles/Elliot Smith style pop masterpiece. If, for whatever reason, you’re on the fence about downloading In Rainbows, for God’s sake, do it! You don’t want to miss this album! Even though you can technically download it for free, please don’t do that; remember, this money goes directly to Radiohead, there’s no greedy label snatching up 95% of your money. And a band like Radiohead deserves all the money we can possible throw at them.


Download In Rainbows/Order In Rainbows discbox (Site is swamped with orders, be patient)


Radiohead – Faust Arp.mp3

[From In Rainbow, self-released and available now]



  1. Rinjo Njori said,

    I think an honest poll of what people paid for it would be interesting…

    $10.62 or 5 GBP

  2. dav said,

    I’m all for the poll. I paid the same price (5 GBP/10.whatever) & I think it’s well worth it.

  3. hellfried said,

    what a great pic of yorke. cannot agree more with regards to in rainbows. was an early adopter of the whole download malarkey. never regretted the GBP 1.45 that i spent on it.

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