Xiu Xiu | Yoyo Bye Bye (Why? Cover)

November 21, 2007 at 3:31 pm (Covers, Indie Rock, New Music, Xiu Xiu)

Xiu Xiu


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It’s always embarrassing when a cover of your song turns out better than the original, but I can’t decide if that embarrassment would be lessened or exacerbated if the cover is included on one of your releases. Why? have been left to ponder that dilemma, with their latest EP including a brilliant cover of Yoyo Bye Bye by Xiu Xiu. While Why?’s contributions to The Hollows are nothing to scoff at, Xiu Xiu effectively steal the show with their single track. Breathless and frantic vocals over claustrophobic electro/rock instrumentation makes for a winning combination, at least for Xiu Xiu.


Xiu Xiu – Yoyo Bye Bye.mp3 (Why? cover) (Removed upon request)

[From The Hollows EP, out Nov. 27th on Anticon]


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