Best Of 4/29

May 5, 2007 at 5:54 pm (Best Of, Bjork, Bonde Do Role, Diplo, Elections 08, Frog Eyes, Interpol, M.I.A., The Love Triangle, The White Stripes)

The best/most popular tracks on SC this week.


Bonde Do Role – Geremia.mp3

The White Stripes -Ashtray Heart.mp3

M.I.A. – Hit That.mp3

Frog Eyes – Bushels.mp3

The Love Triangle – The Ballad Of Two Star Jones Marie.mp3

Björk РAlarm Call (Bjeck Mix)(Beck).mp3

Interpol – The Heinrich Maneuver.mp3

Diplo – Young Folks Pussy.mp3 (I know I didn’t post about this, but it’s too good not to put on this list)


And something entirely unrelated to music that you should still check out.


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Interpol | The Heinrich Maneuver

April 29, 2007 at 8:13 am (Interpol, mp3s)

Just a week ago, we knew nothing about Interpol’s third album. It was a mystery to everyone. Then, earlier this past week, the cryptic numbers 07.10.07 appeared on their website. From there, the details came rushing out. The tracklist, the title, and now, an actual song, all appeared. I have to admit to never really getting into Interpol that much, and the new track, the Heinrich Maneuver does little to persuade me. It’s a fine song, and a good single, but it’s a little to light and poppy for my tastes. But those vocals are still pretty great.



Pioneer (Live) (Much better than ‘Heinrich’, in my opinion)




The Heinrich Maneuver (Live)



The Heinrich Maneuver.mp3 (Radio Rip)

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