I Am Here

November 6, 2007 at 9:02 am (Bob Dylan, Cat Power, New Music)

I'm Not There

And I’ve discovered some things:


-Early Cat Power sounds a lot like Kim Gordon.

-I miss Stylus.

-of Montreal had a much better sense of humor in the nineties.

-Dustin Hoffman did not resist the urge to eat the bathtub.

-Inland Empire is the greatest movie ever.

-The Road is still my favorite book.

-I can’t choose between the Pixies and Pavement.

-Bob Dylan is an acceptable deity.

-So is Bill Murray.

-Zodiac is a very good movie.

-I miss OiNK.

-The Glow Pt. 2 will expand your mind given the opportunity.

-The Hold Steady almost killed me.

-Weeds is no longer good.

-I should not drink caffeine.

-The second season of Dexter is even better than the first.

-I have no clue how I feel about Wilco.

-The Childcatcher is one of my favorite songs.

-I’m developing a crush on Roisin Murphy.

-Tom Waits is very cool.

-The I’m Not There OST is much better than your average soundtrack.


Cat Power – Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again.mp3 (Bob Dylan Cover)

[From the I’m Not There OST, out now on Columbia]



  1. Jason said,

    i’m going through a Glow Pt 2 phase myself. It’s a great place to be!

  2. hellfried said,

    “Bob Dylan is an acceptable deity”

    love that!

  3. Jeffrey Beaumont said,

    nice off-the-head list. i feel you HARD on just about everything [a) seriously, what the hell happened to Weeds?!?! and b)yes I’m Not There, Tom Waits, Pixies/Pave, the Glow, Inland Empire and, dear god, Wilco] though really Zodiac is pretty shit I think. Otherwise, whoa, awesome.

  4. Rob said,

    Bill Murray only claimed to be a deity to Gozer in the film Ghostbusters…

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  6. Kevin said,

    I miss OiNK too…

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