Cover Art, New Releases, and A Video

June 12, 2007 at 6:39 pm (Album Art, Liars, M.I.A., mp3s, Queens of the Stone Age, Videos)

Two new pieces of cover art crossed my path today.


M.I.A.’s Kala (Interscope/8-12)


M.I.A. – Bird Flu.mp3


Liars Liars (Mute 8/28)


Also, the video for M.I.A.’s ‘Boyz’:





Also, Queens Of The Stone Age’s new album, Era Vulgaris, is out today. It’s been getting some pretty mixed reviews, but personally, I love it. I’ll admit that I’ve never been that into the Queens before, so I can’t really compare it to their previous efforts, but EV stands as a great album all on its own.


Queens Of The Stone Age – The Fun Machine Took A Shit & Died.mp3


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Shitt Hott | Foreign Bees

June 8, 2007 at 8:11 pm (Cousin Cole, Lil Mama, M.I.A., mp3s, Office, Poison Control Center, Shitt Hottt)

I’m sorry, but it’s that time of year, and I just don’t feel like writing; so here’s the story of Shitt Hottt, an awesome band that found it’s way onto my iPod recently. From their myspace page:


Once upon a time, there were three princesses – Michelle, Andrea and Ryan. They’d been talking about forming a band together. Andrea would play the drums, Michelle would play the guitar, and Ryan would play the bass.

One night, after an enchanted Kickball tournament, a fourth princess appeared – Sarah. She announced that she would play the tambourine for the trio. Being drunk, they agreed. On the condition that she also sing and play keyboards. Which she did. With gusto.

They played some shows – opening for The Pointed Sticks (from Van City), The Ettes (from LA), Pony Up! (from Montreal) and The Zoobombs (from Japan), made friends with EVERYONE, drank lots of free booze, and Ryan fell off the stage once a couple times. It was pretty great.

The End.

Shitt Hottt – Foreign Bees.mp3


In other news:

-Cousin Cole has remixed Party Like A Rock Star (mp3)

-Check out another Lil Mama track I ran across here. And stop fucking with my comments section! (mp3)

-Office has announced a new album. Cool, eh? (mp3)

-Poison Control Center has signed to Afternoon (mp3)

-Apparently the awesome XR2, which M.I.A. leaked a a few months back, is making it’s way to Kala (mp3)

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M.I.A. | Boyz

June 7, 2007 at 5:56 am (M.I.A., mp3s)

The first single from the upcoming Kala. Kala hits stores August 20th, and Boyz is released next Tuesday, in 12″ and USB drive formats. Enjoy.

M.I.A. – Boyz.mp3

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Best Of 4/29

May 5, 2007 at 5:54 pm (Best Of, Bjork, Bonde Do Role, Diplo, Elections 08, Frog Eyes, Interpol, M.I.A., The Love Triangle, The White Stripes)

The best/most popular tracks on SC this week.


Bonde Do Role – Geremia.mp3

The White Stripes -Ashtray Heart.mp3

M.I.A. – Hit That.mp3

Frog Eyes – Bushels.mp3

The Love Triangle – The Ballad Of Two Star Jones Marie.mp3

Björk – Alarm Call (Bjeck Mix)(Beck).mp3

Interpol – The Heinrich Maneuver.mp3

Diplo – Young Folks Pussy.mp3 (I know I didn’t post about this, but it’s too good not to put on this list)


And something entirely unrelated to music that you should still check out.

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M.I.A. | Hit That

May 3, 2007 at 6:53 am (M.I.A., mp3s)


Just when I think I can’t possibly love M.I.A. anymore, she decides to diss FEMA and Haliburtin in the same song, the newly released ‘Hit That’. Produced by Bangladesh, ‘Hit That’ was made available for download on his myspace last night. It’s classic M.I.A., sounding like it could have come straight of off Arular. Personally, I like it more than Bird Flu. There’s no word on whether or not the track will appear on the upcoming Kala, but we can always hope.


M.I.A. – Hit That.mp3

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Remix Monday 4/30 | Björk, Spank Rock, Diplo, CSS, The White Stripes & Patrick Wolf

April 30, 2007 at 7:33 am (Bjork, CSS, Diplo, M.I.A., mp3s, Patrick Wolf, remixes, Spank Rock, The White Stripes)

For whatever reason, Remix Roundup just wasn’t working anymore, so it’s been changed to Remix Monday. While todays remixes may look a little random, they’re all actually tangentially interrelated. I started with Björk, which led me to the Spank Rock remix of ‘Earth Intruders’. From there, all these other artists popped up. There are some really great remixes here, but I think my favorite would have to be Beck’s remix of Alarm Call. He tears the song apart, then uses the most unlikely parts as beats. It’s actually a little funny at times. Enjoy.


Björk – Alarm Call (Bjeck Remix)(Beck).mp3

Björk – Alarm Call (Rhythmic Phonetics Remix)(Matmos).mp3

Björk – All Is Full Of Love (Plaid Remix).mp3

Björk – Army Of Me (Army Of Klaus Remix)(Patrick Wolf).mp3

Björk – Earth Intruders (Spank Rock Remix).mp3

CSS – Let’s Make Love And Listen Death From Above (Diplo Remix).mp3

CSS – Let’s Make Love And Listen Death From Above (Spank Rock Remix).mp3

Lily Allen – Alfie (CSS Remix).mp3

M.I.A. – Bird Flu (Diplo Remix).mp3

Mika – Love Today (Patrick Wolf Remix).mp3

Spank Rock – Put That Pussy On Me (Diplo Tonite Remix).mp3

The White Stripes – Blue Orchid (High Contrast Remix).mp3

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MIA | Kala Details

April 10, 2007 at 8:24 am (M.I.A., mp3s)


Rumors have finally begun surfacing about MIA’s new album. It’s about time, considering the last we heard of it was ‘Bird Flu’, back in February. Her new album will supposedly be called ‘Kala’, and will be released June 26th August 21st, via Interscope. None of this is confirmed yet, but it seems kosher to me. It’s along wait, but you can always pass the time listening to ‘Bird Flu’ again, eh?

MIA – Bird Flu.mp3

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MIA & Timbaland: Come Around

March 28, 2007 at 1:30 pm (M.I.A., mp3s, Shock Value, Timbaland)

More than a few people were disappointed with the lack of MIA when Timbaland’s Shock Value made it’s way onto the intraweb tubes last week, myself included. Well, we can finally rest in peace; thanks to Discobelle, the MIA track has finally surfaced. After a few listens, I can safely say that it tops everything else on the album. Including as an import only track is a truly befuddling decision by whoever made it; The track is brilliant. God knows Shock Value could use a few more tracks like that.

Timbaland feat. MIA – Come Around.mp3

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M.I.A.: Bird Flu

February 5, 2007 at 4:25 pm (Bird Flu, M.I.A., mp3s)

Sri Lankan beauty, M.I.A., finally posted a new song to her myspace page, after mentioning it last September. It’s called Bird Flu, apparently because “THIS BEAT GON KILL EVERYONE!!” Actually, the beat is pretty awesome, so I guess we’ll let her get away with the caps lock, for now.

Bird Flu (Stream)

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