Panda Bear

March 27, 2007 at 2:00 pm (mp3s, Panda Bear)
It’s been a few days since I’ve done a post about Panda Bear, but don’t think that means I love Person Pitch any less. If anything, I love it even more. After listening to it about four times straight through, however, I thought it might be beneficial to listen to something else. For that purpose, I pulled out Panda’s previous album, Young Prayer. While I had always appreciated it, I never really loved it like Person Pitch until I played them back to back. There’s such a stark contrast between the two albums, that it’s near impossible not to be amazed by Panda’s diversity as an artist. Young Prayer possesses a dark, melancholy, and acoustic sound, while Person Pitch is one of the sunniest albums you’re likely to hear this year. It’s amazing to hear how much Panda has changed between these two albums. After that, I got a little curious, and started digging further into his back catalog. I ended up with his 1998 debut, Panda Bear, from the now defunct Soccer Star label. Unfortunately, it’s no lost treasure. While it’s home to some true gems, it also illustrates Panda’s growing pains a little too well. I’ll leave you with four mp3s in chronological order; one from each of Panda’s albums, and one song from the first Animal Collective album, which just happens to be my favorite song from any artist.

Panda Bear – We Built A Robot.mp3 (From S/T)
Panda Bear & Avey Tare – April & The Phantom (From Spirit . . .)
Panda Bear – Untitled Five.mp3 (From Young Prayer)
Panda Bear – Take Pills.mp3 (From Person Pitch)

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  1. Lukas said,

    you are my hero, litteraly. Ac are my favorite band(barely beating of Montreal). I am disapointed in myself for not exploring their past(I learned about them a few months before Sung Tongs, and although i have many songs for before the SUng Tongs era, i have limited doscography knowledge). Amazingly i will be seeing them live for the first time(on my birthday!) May 29th.

    Thank you very much for the tracks, i am definatly going to continue my goal of owning all animal collective related albums

  2. Dublin Opinion » Blog Archive » Panda Bear, Laptops and The Sound of Surf said,

    […] to Shameless Complacency and Pretentious Prattle for some of the […]

  3. yamiri said,

    asu mare pytm ta brabaso hablen ps todos alo panky ps jajajaja los amo

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