Panda Bear | Laughed For A World Filled With Fantasy

June 6, 2007 at 12:45 pm (Hot Chip, mp3s, Panda Bear, Seabear, The New Pornographers, YACHT)

It’s been a while since I beat you over the head with my love for Panda Bear, and I’m feeling a little guilty for slacking for so long. Since we last checked in with Panda, four (!) new tracks have surfaced, along with Panda Bear Live At ZDB September 2004, a two part digital-only EP, which you can buy at the low-quality, DRM-riddled digital music store of you choice. The new tracks are all brilliant, particularly the Scott Walker-sampling ‘Laughed For A World Filled With Fantasy’. However, the dark, schizophrenic ‘Bonfire Of The Vanities’ is also pretty great. This is a must have for any Panda Bear fans.

Panda Bear – Laughed For A World Filled With Fantasy.mp3 (First snippet from live EP)

Panda Bear – Untitled (Live @ Ma Fama).mp3



-Check out Hot Chip’s myspace for a brand new song, probably from their planned ’08 album, Shot Down In Flames.

-Head over to Gorilla Vs. Bear for the theme song for YACHT’s ‘neverending tour’. Also, Jona Bechtolt has left The Blow to work as YACHT full-time.

Blogarefordogs has an old Dan Bejar track, which is set to appear on The New Pornographers upcoming Challenger.

I Guess I’m Floating hypes the criminally overlooked Seabear.


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